About Us

Securely, Manage, and Swap Virtual currencies for bitcoin value with your devices. At Instant Pay Inc we pour our hearts into every detail, from pixel-perfect icons to subtle sounds, creating a virtual currency exchange for a bitcoin experience that works for everyone. Our goal is to remove the geek requirement and make it fun and easy to learn and use virtual currency direct exchange. No technical talk. No confusing steps - we think it shows. Yes, Instant Pay Inc is new but it is used by many individuals, cooperations, and other organisations across the world.


Instant Pay Inc was founded in 2023 by Carlos Tint and Chahils Queens. Carlos brings the technical magic behind the scenes to Instant Pay Inc. Carlos has published many open-source libraries and has written code in use by most Bitcoin and cryptocurrency software on the web today. On the creative side, from subtle sounds to smooth animations, Chahils oversees each detail of the Instant Pay Inc creative process. Chahils is a master of emotional design and has designed experiences for Apple, BMW, Disney, Louis Vuitton, Nike, and many others.


Instant Pay Inc is a software virtual currency exchange platform ONLY and does not conduct any independent activities like evaluating investments, currency rate prediction and more. You are fully and solely responsible for evaluating your investments.

The number of virtual currencies you will swap will be paid to you in bitcoin value following the bitcoin rate at that time.


Instant Pay Inc users are responsible for storing their own 4 Digit PIN. Your 4 Digit PIN is important to keep your funds secured with the private key of your account. Only you alone must keep your 4-digit PIN to always protect your assets.



Instant Pay Inc receives approval from regulatory agencies and law enforcement located around the world. You can always trust our service because we exist to continue to satisfy all our users. 

Instant Pay Inc Operate under a financial license as approved by law enforcement. 

Click "download" to view our financial license.

Our Mission

Our mission is to remove the geek requirement and keep the design a priority, to make virtual currency exchange easy for everyone.

For Investor

Founded in 2023, Instant Pay Inc is a direct exchange software wallet that removes the geek requirement and keeps design a priority to make cryptocurrency and digital assets easy for everyone. Download Instant Pay Inc on Android devices. Instant Pay Inc allows users to secure, manage and swap virtual funds like Global Swift Pay, Global Business Pay, and more across an industry-leading 10,000+ asset pairs from a beautiful, easy-to-use wallet. The non-custodial functionality is encrypted locally on users’ own devices, ensuring privacy, security and complete control over their wealth. Instant Pay Inc is on a mission to empower half the world to exit the traditional finance system by 2030.


Instant Pay Inc Staff will NEVER ask for sensitive information, including PIN or private keys.
Presently, Instant Pay Inc does not offer support via telephone. 
It is important to note that while numbers listed as "Official Instant Pay Inc Support" are often posted and shared on the internet, these are scams attempting to gain access to your funds. Never trust them.

To receive a response from the support team, you should contact email; at support@instantpayinc.com or you should open the “Support Ticket” one of our staff will reply to you as soon as possible. Do not worry if you get a late response but rest assured your satisfaction and securing your assets is our top priority.


Frequently Asked Questions

After you make the crypto withdrawal active for your account, we make it flexible by all means to make bitcoin transfer to be at an almost free cost for all users. It means after you keep your account active, you will be able to withdraw/transfer bitcoin to any other bitcoin wallet address at an almost free cost.

With the secured exchange software, you can be able to exchange; International Global Pay, Units Pay, Global Business Pay, Global Swift Pay, Advanced Wallet Pay, Global Pay Inc, Instant Wallet Pay, Freedom Pay Universe, and others. Login to your account dashboard, Select "Direct Exchange" and you will find more assets that you can exchange using your Instant Pay Inc account.

Rest assured the amount of 0.2BTC which is required as the minimum amount to enable the crypto withdrawal for your account is used by our online validators thereby guaranteeing your financial data in exchange be available in the blockchain. Instant Pay Inc will earn a regular commission from the validators whenever an investor will make a bitcoin withdrawal/transfer. In simple terms, when an investor will withdraw bitcoin successfully Instant Pay Inc earns a commission for making the valued amount to be in circulation on the bitcoin network.

Transferring money from your Instant Pay Inc account to another bitcoin wallet address is possible when you create the required transaction history for your account bitcoin wallet address. With the transaction history for your account, you will have the withdrawal option when you select Crypto withdrawal in your account dashboard. Create a transaction history that will guarantee you to spend/send/transfer money from your Instant Pay Inc account.

These are secret keys that are generated to keep the assets in your account secure at all times. The private key is generated for your account at the same time you provide a 4-digit pin for your account, so you should not share your 4-digit Pin with any other party to always protect your money in exchange.

If you lose the 4-digit Pin to your account, you can not access your account again because of the private key security allocated for your account only. You should never lose your 4-digit pin.

After you successfully log in to your account dashboard, you should find your account bitcoin wallet address displayed in your dashboard. You can also view your account's bitcoin wallet address when you want to make a bitcoin deposit into your account and when you go into the profile of your account.

In order to create a transaction history for your account, you should copy your account bitcoin wallet address and then make the deposit/transfer of the required amount into the wallet address. When this deposit is made the withdrawal option will be available for your account, next you should transfer the amount instantly to another bitcoin wallet address. This process will create the transaction history needed to enable bitcoin withdrawals for virtual currencies direct exchange.

When you create the needed transaction history for your account, your money will be available in exchange and withdrawal will be possible for your account immediately from that time.

In your account dashboard, select the virtual currency you need to exchange, there you will find the transfer details. Copy the transfer details and transfer the amount you need to exchange from your virtual currency account and then upload a screenshot of the transaction for our records. Immediately the amount you transferred is received and confirmed in the exchange system, then your account will be credited at the same time.

If you lose your 4-digit Pin you automatically lose all your assets because only you know your 4-digit Pin not even the staff at Instant Pay Inc know your 4-digit PIN. You must keep your 4-digit PIN with you at all times.

Yes, you can receive bitcoin from another platform with your account bitcoin wallet address.

In your dashboard select “Crypto Deposit” and then you will find your bitcoin wallet address, there you can transfer/deposit any amount of bitcoin into your account bitcoin wallet address.